This is the homepage of the SwarmLab, the robotics laboratory at the Department of Knowledge Engineering (DKE), Maastricht University. It is embedded within the Robots, Agents and Interaction (RAI) research group.

The lab directors are Rico Möckel, Karl Tuyls and Gerhard Weiss. SwarmLab is generously sponsored by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and Maastricht University.

SwarmLab research focuses on the design and control of biologically-inspired, modular, swarm, and wearable robots, machine learning, neurorobotics, computational neuroscience and neuromorphic engineering as well as on human-robot and brain-robot interfaces. Within these fields of research we are especially interested in distributed self-organizing and autonomous systems.

For more information on our research activities go to our research page or view a list of publications.


Honorary Doctorate for Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster


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