SwarmLab@work is the team from Maastricht University, that competes in the @work competition in RoboCup. The team is sponsored by SWOL, FHS and SwarmLab funds. The team is built upon cooperation between SwarmLab (FHS) and IDEE (FHML) who share research and engineering interests.

Swarmlab@Work 2013 World Champion

During the World Championship RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven, Maastricht University’s SwarmLab@Work team has won the world title within the category RoboCup@Work.

swarmlab@work wins German Open 2013 in Magdeburg

Robocup Team 2013  Winning Bot

The SwarmLab@work robocup team has won the German Open@work competition 2013 in Magdeburg. The first place is shared with the current world champion LUHbots. For videos of the competition visit our swarmlab@work media page.



RoboCup@Work is a new competition in RoboCup that targets the use of robots in work-related scenarios.

It aims to foster research and development that enables use of innovative mobile robots equipped with advanced manipulators for current and future industrial applications, where robots cooperate with human workers for complex tasks ranging from manufacturing, automation, and parts handling up to general logistics.

Kuka Youbot

The youBot is based on an omni-directional platform with for swedish wheels, a 5 DoF manipulator and a two finger gripper. The platform is manufactured by KUKA and is commercially available at the youBot-store. It has been designed to work in industrial like environments and to perform various tasks as e.g. fetch & carry or assembly tasks.