Finals of the RoboCup@Work 2013 in Eindhoven

Videos of robocup@work German Open 2013 in Magdeburg

Compilation of all Videos

Basic Navigation Test

The task is to drive to the a set of locations and pointing into a certain direction, while covering the markers at these positions completely. The positions and orientations are sent to the robot at the beginning of the test via the so-called referee box.

Basic Manipulation Test

The task is to move all objects from one workbench to an adjacent workbench. The objects are placed and rotated randomly and have to be place in a line in the destination workbench.

Precision Placement Test

In this task, there are two holes cut into on workbench. The robot has to place the objects into the hole in which they fit.

Basic Transportation Test

The robot has to move all objects from different source locations to a destination location further away.